Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wanderlust in the PNW

My husband and I recently returned from an adventurous and enjoyable trip through the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. I took probably a thousand photographs and detailed everything we did and saw in my notes page one my phone so I could write a post about where to go, what to eat and drink, and what to do to fulfill your travel bug. However, I certainly will not be able to fit it all into one post, so today I want to give you a taste of what we discovered. I will gradually add posts in the coming months with specific information regarding different towns or attractions (i.e. breweries, hikes) to suit differing travel bugs.

Here is our abbreviated itinerary:
Day 1: Fly into Seattle, try to stay awake and get acclimated with West Coast time, and explore the city a little before crashing.

Day 2: Early start. Drive to Bend, Oregon (~ 7 hours because we chose to drive through Yakima and the Oregon trail for nicer drive). We drove through the "Oregon Trail" and let's just say it was not what we expected, although it should've been considering our knowledge of the computer game from childhood. I did not take any photos in Yakima (oops!). 

And we almost ran out of gas, but I will save that story for another post! : 0

Day 3: Explore Bend. We hiked and checked out the beer scene (HUGE)!

Day 4: Drive to Portland (3 1/2 hours). We stopped in Salem, where there was a pretty and rather large city park on the river, but otherwise it was a small, quiet town.

Day 5: Explore Portland & Surrounding Hikes. We hiked through Oneonta Gorge, which was absolutely stunning and frigid!

And we ate the most delicious ice cream I've ever had!

Day 6: Drive to Vancouver (~8 1/2 hours). Stopped in Astoria, where the Goonies was filmed, and Olympia, Washington.

Day 7: Explore Vancouver and surrounding areas. We went to Squamish and visited a brewery downtown. Let's just say I was a scaredy cat in the back country!

Day 8: Explore Vancouver. We biked around the sea wall at Stanley Park, then drove out to Frasier Valley and Port Moody with encouragement from the locals.

Day 9: Drive to Seattle airport and fly home.

Our trip was wonderful! I enjoyed almost every second of it, except for one night after I had too many craft beers too quickly on our brewery tour of Bend. I fell in love with Bend and British Columbia (outside of Vancouver City) and want to return to do and see all the things we missed due to our packed timeline. These trips are always great opportunities to explore a vast area just enough to talk to locals, try a few things, and figure out what little towns and surrounding areas we like best in order to return some day in the future and try all the other snippets we missed! Stay tuned for future posts where I will give you all the insider knowledge of the best hikes, tours, breweries, and beautiful views to check out for yourself! 

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