Friday, March 24, 2017

Simple & Inexpensive DIY Tassel Earrings

It's 2017 and tassels are everywhere! We are seeing them in jewelry, home decor, and the like. Target just made it effortless to DIY tassel earrings on a budget. So hurry to your nearest dollar spot to pick up these adorable tassels! If you are already into jewelry making, you may not even need to buy any other materials. And if you are not into it, you will only need to pick up 2 more items for an all in cost of less than $10 for two pairs of earrings! Unheard of, right?!

You will need:

2 packs of tassels at $1/each (Target dollar spot)
1 pack of fish hooks for jewelry making at $1.69/100 pcs (Amazon)
1 pair of round nose pliers at $5.69 (Michaels)


The tassels come on a jump ring, so there is literally 1 step...okay, maybe 2, in this process. You will use your round nose pliers to open the loop of the fish hooks, slide the jump ring attached to the tassel through the loop of the fish hook, and close the loop with the round nose pliers. Repeat x3 and you've just made yourself 2 pairs of earrings that will add a splash of color to any spring or summer outfit! Tell us what you think or share your favorite spring jewelry or accessory DIY in the comments below!

TIP: If you are not sure how to open the loop of the fish hook, check out this video by Wilson Beadwork on Youtube. I tried to make a video with my phone and it just did not turn out. I am unfortunately not equipped for that. But Cynthia's video is helpful for beginners!

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