Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Pottery Barn Map Triptych

Last year, I started my venture trying to make a panel of maps just like this one from Pottery Barn.

  Map Triptych

It's no longer available, so you should read on to learn how to make one yourself. : )

My fiance and his brother found this aerial map of the area where we live dating back to the turn of the century.


He appreciated them so I wanted to find a unique way to display them in our house. My plan was to enlarge the photo, break it into 3 sections like the pottery barn map, and give it to my fiance as a birthday gift.

My original plan was to get each section custom framed, but I soon realized that would be too expensive and unnecessary.  I found a blog post tutorial for creating a triptych map with canvas, decoupage, and spray paint. But, I wanted to go in a different direction...there would be no decoupaging here. ; )

First point of action was to find frames in the right size and color/stain for my liking. Off to Michael's I went. (Let me preface this by saying I completed this project almost a year ago and I was not worried about documenting each step or taking photographs for a blog, so I am backtracking here.  Additionally, I cannot guarantee Michael's has the exact same inventory, but I will try to find the closest match.) I was lucky that I found a frame I loved pretty quickly. The frames I found were a bluish gray with wood grain texture, like this.

Home Collection Barnwood Distressed Frame by Studio Decor, 12" x 16"

This may be the same as the frames I purchased as I am absolutely certain they were the "home decor" brand.  However, it may also be this one. But you get the gist!

     Home Collection Blue Distressed Frame by Studio Decor, 12" x 16"
As I said earlier, I was not in blogging mode when I completed this project, so unfortunately, I do not have photos of each step in the process. My sincerest apologies!

3- 12 x 16 prints (or any size of your choosing)
6- screw eyes (large enough to get rope through)
3- pieces of rope or jute cording
3- frames

1. Procure maps
We found ours on our state archive website, so I imagine you can find them on any state archive website.
2. Get maps printed. 
After much research online, at Michael's, and various printing stores, I believe I ended up at Fed Ex. (Apologies, but my memory fails me right now!) My soon to be brother in law cut the map (digitally) into 3 sections and saved them on a flash drive as pdf and jpg files. I took the flash drive into the store and the nice man at the counter opened the images on his computer. He printed them for me and had them ready in less than 24 hours. Here are the three images as they appeared saved on the flash drive.
3. Clean frames
A little windex does the trick.
4. Cut maps.
If you have a paper cutter, that is the easiest way.
5. Put maps in frames.
6. Insert Screw eyes.
We are a little OCD when it comes to hanging items, so we measured in from both sides of frame to center the eye screws.
7. Cut rope to size.
This will depend on where you are hanging your maps and how high/low you want them to hang.
8. Tie rope onto screw eyes.
7. Hang your maps and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this easy and beautiful DIY project! Please leave any questions in the comment section below! 


  1. Wow! Carly I love the way your maps turned out! I honestly believe they are way cuter than the Pottery Barn one, especially since the map has so much meaning for you and your fiancé! Great job!!!