Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY Burlap Easter Banner

Sometimes I peruse my favorite stores looking for inspiration. Not intentionally, but it results from seeing something that sparks my interest and not being able to justify buying it for the price. Then, all of a sudden, my brain starts reeling with ideas for DIY projects, like the one I am about to share with you. A few weeks ago, I was strolling through Marshall's (where else?) and I came across this adorable framed Easter burlap print!

Cute, right? It was $9.99 and my first thought was "no way, not going to pay that for this painted burlap I can do myself." But then I thought, "I'd probably spend the same amount procuring materials to make one myself." So, I sat on it for a few weeks. I've been dabbling in various types of crafting lately (wood burning, jigsawing, arm knitting, so I've been spending a lot of time at the dining room table. Staring at my winter tablescape, with a wide burlap ribbon weaving throughout, a light bulb went off! I ran to my cupboard and grabbed the piece of leftover burlap I cut from the tablescape. I knew exactly what I would do with it!

DIY Burlap Easter Banner 

You will need:

-a piece of wide burlap (mine was 5 1/2 inches wide, 39 inches long; could be a few inches shorter)
-a piece or ribbon
-white pom poms
-chalk or acrylic paint
-sponge brush
-rabbit stencil (mine was from a pack of cardboard cutout bunnies from target dollar spot)
-hot glue gun
-clear nail polish


Step 1: Cut your burlap. I wanted a cute banner edge so I cut angles edges from the corners on one end. Apply clear nail polish to any newly cut edges to prevent the burlap from fraying and falling apart.

Step 2: Trace your bunny cutout. Cut out the bunny and make sure to be gentle with the "trash" portion because that will become your stencil. I accidentally placed my bunny stencil towards the edge of my paper (as that is usually helpful when cutting) so I was left with an opening at the base of my stencil. If you do this, simply cut a strip of paper and tape to the bottom of your cutout.

Step 3: Measure your burlap strip to center and align your bunnies from top to bottom. I wanted 3 bunnies so I spaced accordingly. Tape down your bunny stencil so it doesn't move while painting. MAKE SURE TO PLACE SCRAP PAPER UNDER BURLAP! You don't want your paint going through onto your dining room table. : )

Step 4: Try sponging paint onto a scrap piece of burlap to get an idea of how it will go onto the material you're using. I used ArtMinds chalk paint from Michael's. Much cheaper than the big name chalk paint lines that are so popular right now. The best thing about this brand is it's sold in these tiny 8 oz jars, perfect for little projects like this! Next, start painting! I did one coat and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, I went back in to touch up any light spots.

Step 5: Let paint dry for 10-15 minutes. You probably don't need to wait that long, but just to be certain.

Step 6: Glue pom poms onto bunnies. 

Apologies for the mess (this happens when I get to crafting lol) and the poor lighting!
Step 7: Cut ribbon and glue to the top of the burlap. Then, tie a bow! Or decorate the top and bottom and bottom however you like!

Trying different types of ribbon, and considered gluing to the
bottom as well. But that was too much for my taste. I went with gray (only on the top) instead. 
Step 8: Hang and enjoy! It's perfect for Easter and the entire spring season! 

 Do you have any fun ideas for using burlap in your spring decor? Please share in the comments!

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  1. So cute!!! I love the added pom pom touch for the tail!