Monday, February 22, 2016

Lighting Options for Kitchen & Pantry Area

Lighting Options

Lighting Options by otblondie featuring an industrial lamp

Our kitchen and pantry area is currently lit by a hideous cat lamp (see below) that came with our house back in December, two years ago.

Those green eyes glow in the light...creepy!

We have always disliked it (nothing personal if cats are your thing, but it is not our style), but are just getting around to looking into alternative lighting options. As many of you know, when you buy a house that is old, remodeled, and livable, you don't always jump right in to make changes. It takes time to figure out what you love, what you like, and what you want to change...eventually lol. We've never liked the cat chandelier but there are so many projects, and so little time. It just wasn't a major priority...until now. 

I recently discovered Polyvore and I immediately fell in love! My first inspo-board was a neutral living room--posted in my gallery if you'd like to check it out! I think Polyvore was originally created to create and share fashion boards and boost/promote fashion brads, but it quickly grew and now includes home decor as well. When you create a board, you simply search for items, then drag and drop them to create a board.  Each item is linked to its store or site where it can be purchased, and by simply scrolling over the picture on your board, you see a display of the store/site name and link, product name, and price. You can "like" the item, save it to your items, feed, collections, or find "more styling ideas."

So, when I started browsing for lighting options on pinterest and instagram, the light bulb went off! No pun intended hehe! I made an inspo-board for lighting options and am sharing it here! I'd love to hear what you think? Do you have a favorite? Or another option you like that I haven't shared here? Please share in the comments section below!
CFC metal lamp

Country Curtains country lamp

Industrial lamp

Square pendant light

Dot Bo lighting

Dot Bo rustic lamp

Silver lamp

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