Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Engagement Session with Alicia Lacey

Disclaimer: I am trying to build a decor and DIY blog, but sometimes life is going to get mixed in as well! This is one of those times...

(And there is a beautiful old farm house decorated for Christmas featured in our shoot----so it counts as home decor hehe)

We chose our shoot location because it is right in our neighborhood, where we frequently walk our dog, go for jogs, play on the beach, and on the golf course (in snow storms when no one is around to hit us in the head with golf balls). We wanted our location to be meaningful--a place we valued and spent our time on a regular basis. We knew it would be the Ballestone house, the golf course, and the beach, as long as we could get permission. 

Luckily, we were able to use all of the locations and Alicia Lacey captured the moments perfectly! 

See for yourself ; )



Sneak peek of the house in top left corner!!




We had so much fun! PSA: hot chocolate with water is terrible lol!

The gorgeous Ballestone-Stansbury House in all its glory!



Alicia, we are eternally grateful to you and so eager to see how you capture our wedding day! All photos credit Alicia Lacey Photography.


  1. Wow! Carly, the engagement photos are so beautiful!!! The fact that the locations you and your fiancé chose had meaning just adds so much to the pictures. You can just feel the love radiate from expressions on your faces!!! So excited for the both of you!! =)

    P.S. Sometimes life and love are perfect home decor! This post was very fitting!

  2. Such beautiful photos for a fabulous couple! They will look beautiful with your decor. We are so lucky to have met a you guys on our new journey to MD. Even better that we have so much in common! The first year of marriage is paper I believe, so I had a thought that we could have Alicia do a photo shoot for us. I love pictures so much as they capture a moment in time, making it last forever. Just a thought, but a great possibility. 😊