Sunday, January 17, 2016

After Christmas Winter Tablescape

Ok, I'll admit I usually keep my holiday decorations pretty neutral and wintry, using glittery cinnamon sticks, pine cones, orbs, woodsy creatures, and golds and silvers.  I don't use much "Christmasy" decor (but we all know that could change in a year or two as we often get bored with a particular look and need to change it up). So my transition from Christmas and holiday to winter decor does not require too much work. I definitely get tired of looking at the same centerpieces and displays, so I use a lot of the same items and simply rearrange or relocate them.

This year, I decided to go a little crazy with my dining room table tablescape. I typically just do a centerpiece and do not bother with placemats, chargers, etc. However, when I see all the beautiful tablescapes...

Photo credit:
like this one from Turnstyle vogue...
Love the fur wine bottle wraps! Just saw a few on clearance and thought I had no use for them, but I should've grabbed them. She made this tablescape look gorgeous!

Photo Credit:
...or this one, from Lory at Designthusiasm....
Love the pine cone in the teacup! She has a knack for decorating a centerpiece!

Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog
...or this one, from Liz Marie...
She kept it simple and clean. The chandelier is fun and the tree stump is beautiful and rustic. I love the frosted pine in the back. I have a few of them and always find new places for them in my Christmas and winter decor. 

...I feel inspired! 

First things first, I needed to get all of my Christmas decor put away. Then I would see what I had to re-purpose for winter. Like I said, this was easy for me because so much of my winter decor is neutral, wintry, and woodsy. But, I needed new arrangements. For some reason, Dollar Tree was calling out to me {hehe}, so I popped in after work and found these awesome vases for $1. 

That's right, folks...a dollar a piece for both sizes! You can't beat that! I had an inclination Dollar Tree would have something to tickle my fancy because I've purchased plain vases there in the past and painted them or altered them in some way.

Then I thought, hmm, let's get some epsom salt. I've seen some gorgeous ways to use epsom salt in winter decor by gluing it to cover the outside of an entire glass jar, but I knew I did not want to do that. I wanted to fill the jars, perhaps? I thought, eh, what the heck? Throw in a few bags and I will figure something out. Can always return if I have no use for them (yea right lol).

I came home, emptied an entire bag, this size

into the smaller jar and threw some pine cones on top.

And I was hooked! I used one bag in each vase. It filled the short vases halfway and the taller vases a third of the way. The pine cones required some finagling because I only had a hand full that were not glittery, which I quickly decided I would do without. The salt had enough of a glisten and glow for what I was going for. These pine cones are from our neighborhood. We picked them up 2 years ago when we first moved into our house and I've been using them ever since!

These however, are from Target! Originally $6.00, but I got them 50% off during their after Christmas sale. My plan was to use these throughout my tree with my woodland creatures. Little did I know, they would come in handy before next year. I used them in my larger vases because my other pine cones were too big. I also tossed them throughout the centerpiece.

Lastly, and probably most important, the pine cone picks worked perfectly as napkin rings! That tickled my fancy : ) And I finally had a reason to use my beautiful blue Nicole Miller linen napkins I picked up on clearance for $4 at Marshall's last year. I've had them beautifully displayed in my bathroom hall hutch, but was giddy to think I could use them for their intended purpose!

These plates were also from Dollar Tree and the chargers were from Michael's. They were $6 per and I used coupons of course. I love how neutral they are...can be used all year!

I tried tea light mercury glass votives in between my vases, but it was still too bland and orderly. I needed to kick it up a notch and add some texture. I peeked in my cabinet full of decor goodies, and what do ya know, I had a spool of wide burlap ribbon. YES! I had to work with it for quite some time, but I finally got it.

As you can see, the final touches were the glittery orbs and the cinnamon sticks. Just enough glitter and shine, but not too much for the winter months.

I love how it turned out! Now, time for a dinner party. ; ) Hope you enjoyed...happy winter decorating!

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  1. I was allll about simple winter decor this year too!! Love what you did here!