Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New to You!

Have you seen those apps where you can post used books and pass it along to someone earning points to get used books from others? It's called Paper Back Swap, and I love it! Well, my friend and I took that concept and put a little twist on it.  We thought, why not try it with clothes, and best friends?!  A month ago, I was visiting a girlfriend I met during a clinical placement in grad school. She was cleaning out her closet and gave me a shirt that was brand new, with a tag, bus that she hadn't worn because it was too small for her. I thought it was adorable and it fit perfectly. Then she pulled out an old hooded sweatshirt and I said "Oh, that's so cute."  She told me she had so many hoodies; she loved that one, but she should get rid of it.  "Here, take this too!" I tried to keep her from giving me her clothes but she insisted.  Then I said, "It's new to me, so fun!  Now I'll have to send you some things when I am cleaning out my closet...and you will get it in the mail, as a surprise!"  I could see the excitement in her face.  "I love surprises," she said, "We should do this every couple of months.  Clean out our closests and send each other anything we think the other might like."  What a great idea, I thought.  "Let's call it new to you; it's so fun and catchy (hehe)".  And that's when it began. I first sent my friend a sweater, a dress, a book (ironically titled, Something Borrowed), and a scarf (I think) that were from my closet. But I threw in a few new things too and some homemade soap my boyfriend and I made a year ago that  we still had stock of in the closet (she loves fun soap).

And just last week, when I got home from work. a package was sitting on our doorstep.  I assumed it was something my boyfriend ordered from amazon because I hadn't ordered anything recently and we have prime, love prime, use it frequently.  I reached the step and saw my name and that it clearly wasn't anything I'd ordered, but a surprise package.  Woohoo, got so excited, love getting mail, especially unexpected mail.  I ran inside, opened it and discovered my first new to you box. : ) Inside was a cute little Christmas card and note from my friend, along with all the fun things below...from her closet.

Oh, except for the beer soap.  That was new, and so cool.  My boyfriend and I enjoy IPA beer, so why not IPA soap? : )

She read the book and sent it back.  Glad she did because it's one of my favorites, and now I can pass it along to another friend.  She also included adorable fuzzy socks, but I ripped those right open and put them on, forgot to photograph. : )

Do you and your girlfriends do anything fun like new to you? Do you pass around books, clothes, things from around the house that you tire of but know your girlfriend might love? Leave a comment to share your stories and ideas!

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