Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is White Going Out of Style? My Thoughts on Home Trend Predictions

Recently, Country Living & Coastal Living Magazines shared their predictions for upcoming home decorating trends according to industry experts and Pinterest popularity. I encourage you to open these in a new window, then pop back over to get my take on them. If you're in a rush, just keep scrolling here. I will give you a quick recap and throw in my two cents, a little confusion, and a lot of laughs. And please, take it with a grain of salt. I am not here to offend, only to share my opinion and design choices, however different or random they may be!

Country Living
Coastal Living 
As you scroll through the lists, you notice a few discrepancies. List 1: Copper is in. List 2: Copper is out. List 1: Marble is out. List 2: Marble is in. Granted these publications should have slight variations as they are geared toward different styles. However, unless you're living on a ranch in Montana or a beach in Nantucket, you probably take inspiration from different places and styles. Ultimately, you're looking for some cohesiveness and you're not getting it!

Photo credit: Funny or Die
We all know interior design trends roll in and back out again as quickly as the tides change. Picture this: After 2 years of scouring Pinterest and Instagram, you've finally saved the finances to purchase new tile, a few throw rugs, bath fixtures, and unique accent pieces.You take the plunge, renovate the space, only to realize what you chose in your initial renovation stages (now 2 years past) is already going out of style! I mean really! What is a girl to do?! The epitome of first world problems, am I right? That my friends is why I am here; to provide you with clarification or maybe just comical relief. Aren't you lucky? ; )

Let's just get to it!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wanderlust in the PNW

My husband and I recently returned from an adventurous and enjoyable trip through the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. I took probably a thousand photographs and detailed everything we did and saw in my notes page one my phone so I could write a post about where to go, what to eat and drink, and what to do to fulfill your travel bug. However, I certainly will not be able to fit it all into one post, so today I want to give you a taste of what we discovered. I will gradually add posts in the coming months with specific information regarding different towns or attractions (i.e. breweries, hikes) to suit differing travel bugs.

Here is our abbreviated itinerary:
Day 1: Fly into Seattle, try to stay awake and get acclimated with West Coast time, and explore the city a little before crashing.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Simple & Inexpensive DIY Tassel Earrings

It's 2017 and tassels are everywhere! We are seeing them in jewelry, home decor, and the like. Target just made it effortless to DIY tassel earrings on a budget. So hurry to your nearest dollar spot to pick up these adorable tassels! If you are already into jewelry making, you may not even need to buy any other materials. And if you are not into it, you will only need to pick up 2 more items for an all in cost of less than $10 for two pairs of earrings! Unheard of, right?!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LIKEtoKNOW.IT for Dummies

Anyone else super confused when they first saw #liketoknowit pop up under a photo on Instagram? Yup, this girl right here (well, I was until a few weeks ago)! Look, maybe I am behind the times because I am pretty sure it's been around for a few years now, but all of us cannot stay on top of every single new fad. And that's exactly why I decided to write this post.Here is a little tutorial on how to setup and use LIKEtoKNOW.itWe're calling this installment...

Monday, October 17, 2016

My Farmhouse Front Porch

Alright ya'll, I think first and foremost, it's probably important I tell you I have a major obsession with pumpkins. I cannot get enough of all the unique and beautiful pumpkins that are becoming ever so popular these days. I truly believe you can never have too many (especially the baby white ones)! When it comes to decorating for autumn, you must have pumpkins, and mums of course. And when it comes to decorating with pumpkins, the possibilities are endless.

Let me also clarify that this is technically our back porch because we have a waterfront home. But let's be honest, "my farmhouse back porch" doesn't exactly have the same ring to it. ; ) Alright, enough with the small talk. Here is our porch. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Super Simple Crock-pot Chili

Last weekend we experienced autumn weather for the first time this year. The cool air has been creeping in the past few weeks, but we finally had consistently cool temperatures. The windows were open and the crisp breeze brought a chill to the air just enough to make you reach for a blanket. I knew it was time to break out the crock-pot and whip up my first batch of chili for the season! My bridesmaid and best friend gave me a chili recipe a few years ago and it has not disappointed since. It is my go-to for chili because it is delicious and super simple. I am serious; this is the EASIEST chili recipe you will find! (You don't even have to brown the meat before it hits the crock-pot, folks!) Read on for all the juicy details. Pun intended. : )

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Where to Find the Cutest Fall Pillows Under $30

Fall is absolutely my favorite season! Decorating with pumpkins, plaid, pillows, and hay bales brings me so much joy! This year, fun patterns and textures are taking the stage. Plaid seems to be the big ticket. I am loving ticking as well! Both are classic patterns that never go out of style and are functional 365 days a year. Where better to throw some plaid than on a throw pillow? [pun intended] : )

So today I am sharing where to find the cutest fall pillows under $30. For those of you who have made the transition to pillow covers (like myself), don't leave just yet. I'm sharing a few great options for you as well!